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universAAL uStoreuaalustorePorject for the universAAL uStore
universAAL UIuaal_uiuniversAAL UI
universAAL ToolsuaaltoolsProject for universAAL development and configuration tools
universAAL ServiceserviceuniversAAL Service
universAAL SecurityuaalsecurityThe group deals with security and privacy issues in Ambient Assisted Living
universAAL Remote InteroperabilityrinteropThis group is going to analyze those platform tasks that are relevant for the interactions between an AAL space and the world outside the space. This includes the interoperability between humans and software residing in the AAL space, on one side, and humans and software outside the space, on the other side.
universAAL OntologiesontologiesA container for all artefacts that define ontologies in different domains
universAAL ModelinguaalmodelCollect all modelling files required for universAAL
universAAL MiddlewaremiddlewareuniversAAL Middleware
universAAL for OSGi on AndroidandroidThis project deals with porting the universAAL platform to OSGi on Android. OSGi on Android means running OSGi framework inside an Android application.
universAAL for AndroidnativeandroidThe purpose of the project is to port the uAAL middleware directly to Android (in contrast to running the middleware in OSGi on top of Android). Please do not confuse it with the "universAAL for OSGi on Android" project.
universAAL Execution EnvironmentuaalexeThe execution environment for the universAAL platform
universAAL Contextuaal_contextuniversAAL Context
universAAL AAL Servicesnew_servicesThis project is hosting new AAL services developed in universAAL
Technological Plug-Ins for AAL SpacestechpluginsAll technological plug-ins on top of the universAAL platform that facilitate the development of AAL applications for AAL Spaces
SupportsupportSupport project
Local Device Discovery and IntegrationlddiLocal Device Discovery and Integration

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